​Launderland LA Reviews & Testimonials

This establishment was a really big help to those who want to wash clothes conveniently. The machine used was properly maintained by the staff of this laundromat and dry cleaning. I had a great experience in this kind of service. Strongly recommended!

The fluff and fold here is amazingly fast and really good. The lady is so sweet and she's there all the time. I brought in over 175 pounds of my families laundry and she had it done in a day to perfection. I highly recommend. Another cool thing about this place is it's location. It is right off the 101 Western exit. So it's easy to get to and from...

24/7. Super awesome staff. Best burritos across street.

Let me just say I’m a very inexperienced laundry mat goer because I grew up with a washer and dryer. I say that because I didn’t know what to expect when going, and they had somebody working that was very helpful. I just needed to wash my king size comforter, and the employee pointed out to me I didn’t need to use the biggest machine ($7). She showed me which one to use (4 load machine that’s $4.25), and walked me through how to do it. There was a bit of a language barrier because I don’t speak any Spanish, but she still was very helpful and kind. The place was very clean and I even saw another employee cleaning while I waited. I only paid 4.50 for the wash because I chose deluxe, and $0.75 for the dryer. Machines were quick and efficient. I’ll definitely be returning here.

This laundry shop is the only shop I trust with my clothes! They are the ones who guarantee me that they will wash my clothes properly and make sure that the money I am paying is worth it! Thank you for the good service!